(Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)


Pastor Eric S. Hartzell

Sunday Worship, 10:15 AM;     Bible Study & Sunday School, 9:00 AM

Wednesday Bible Class, 7:30 PM;        Thursday Bible Class, 10:00 AM

Organists:  Amy Berg, Delora Hartzell, David Widiger


ADVENT I  —  NOVEMBER 29, 2009


















Service of Word and Sacrament

(Front part of the hymnal, page 26)






243     6     379     417 (verse 4)







(Front part of the hymnal, page 74)





Sermon Text

Jeremiah 33:14-16
















WE BELIEVE that Jesus comes to us in the Lord’s Supper with his true body and blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  We also believe that in the Lord’s Supper we in a special way confess the unity we have from a common understanding of God’s Word.  Therefore we ask that if you are not a member of our church that you give us the opportunity to explain our church’s teaching to you before coming to the Lord’s Supper.  Thank you!







3800 SHELL RD., GEORGETOWN, TEXAS 78628-9204

PASTOR:  (512) 635-1910                           CHURCH:  (512) 869-7729

PARSONAGE:  (512) 868-0347                            E-MAIL:





All of us at CROSS AND CROWN LUTHERAN CHURCH invite you to worship with us regularly.  If you would like to know more about our church and beliefs, please contact Pastor Hartzell at (512) 869-PRAY [7729].


It is our prayer that you will be strengthened in your understanding of God's saving love in Jesus.


If there is any way that we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We offer:



If you do not have a church home, please consider learning more about our family of believers that we call Cross and Crown Lutheran Church.






ABOUT THE SERVICE TODAY — This Sunday is the first Sunday in the new church year.  This time of year before Christmas is called Advent.  The Old Testament reading today from Jeremiah 33:14-16 talks to us about Jesus being our righteousness.  That will be the theme of the service for today.  Of all the presents that Jesus gives you and me at Christmas time there is none greater than his righteousness.  The Second Lesson for today is I Thessalonians 3:9-13.  The first sentence of that reading is echoed by your pastor today as he thinks about all of you who attend this church.  What a great gift Christian believing people are to each other.  That’s another of God’s great Christmas gifts to us and we are especially appreciative of it at Christmas time.  The Gospel for this Sunday is Luke 21:25-36.   It tells us how the final Christmas will be.  It tells us how even this Christmas will be, providing that it isn’t the last Christmas.  Our Redemption is drawing near.  God keep and bless us all as we enter another time of special worship and thinking that honors God and his Son.


THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT Special thanks to Dennis Falk for leading the Bible study and for presenting the sermon last Sunday.  Thanks also to Matt Stump for his help in the liturgy and service.  God has blessed our congregation with good leaders.  Thank you for supporting them last Sunday with your presence and prayers.


COMMUNION SCHEDULE The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated today, November 29.  This moves it from our traditional fourth Sunday to the fifth Sunday.  We will continue in December with the Lord’s Supper on the 13th, the 27th and the 31st


CHOIR PRACTICE There is choir practice today.


POT LUCK THIS MORNING — Don’t forget the potluck today.  Stay!  There will be plenty.  We would like to specially honor Lindsey Jett because she is our newest communicant member.  God bless and keep you, Lindsey!  We would also like to specially honor Nathan Williams.  Nathan has completed his tour of duty in Iraq.  He is back again to his wife Christy and to our congregation.  We really are thankful to the Lord for keeping him safe, and we are thankful for men and women like Nathan who put their own lives on hold in the defense of our country.


MID-WEEK ADVENT SERVICES BEGIN December 2 is the first of our Advent Services.  This service will be speaking about our Hope.  Please set these evenings in December aside for special preparation for Christmas.  Please come and worship with us at 7:30 on these Wednesday evenings.


CHRISTMAS BOOTH— The Georgetown Christmas Stroll takes place on December 5.  We will have a booth again this year.  We need people (young and old, men and women, husbands and wives) to tend the booth.  This is not difficult.  You can do it.  It means giving people who stop by some of our printed materials…or just being friendly to them and giving them a bottle of water.  You are asked to sign up for an hour at a time.  This will not impact your day very much and it would greatly help us get the word out about our church.  Please sign up.  Please help us.


OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT This is the second of three announcements regarding the upcoming congregational voters meeting and election.  This will take place next Sunday.


BAKE SALE SUCCESS — Merci beaucoup to the many who helped make our fund drive a success.  We raised $2,170 plus the match of $720 for a total of $2,890.  Over the past 5 years our fall and spring fund drives have raised over $12,000 for Cross and Crown and for those in need.  Thank you Janet, Thrivent members, those who brought cakes and pies and other goodies, and especially all of you who made donations.  


FLOWERS— The Advent Season is here, let us rejoice!  As a reminder to all, during the  Advent Season we will not have flower arrangements on the altar, as this is a time to reflect what great love God has for us, by sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to come into the world as a little baby at Christmas.

   Poinsettias -  the Sanctuary is so lovely with all the beautiful poinsettias, we will enjoy them beautifying our sanctuary throughout the entire Christmas season.  The cost per plant is $6.99.  There will be no sign up list, but please support the flower fund by contributing toward the poinsettias.  Because poinsettias are a poisonous plant, I will not be able to take them to the nursing homes, please contact Mashelle if you would like a plant. Plants will be taken out after the Epiphany service on Jan 6th.

   The 2010 Flower calendar is posted in the Fellowship Hall, please if you have a special day that you would like to sponsor a Sunday flower arrangement do so now as the calendar is blank!  Our florist works very well with us, if you have a special flower you want in the arrangement, or would like an arrangement that is not on a "scheduled" Sunday, contact Mashelle and we'll be able to work with you.  Our florist is going on her own, and no longer a business, so please be considerate and allow 3 weeks before the scheduled day.  

    Questions concerning the flowers may be directed to Mashelle Ozment.