(Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)


Pastor Eric S. Hartzell

Sunday Worship, 10:15 AM;    Bible Study & Sunday School, 9:00 AM

Wednesday Bible Class, 7:30 PM;       Thursday Bible Class, 10:00 AM

Organists:  Delora Hartzell and David Widiger


Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost, August 30, 2009







Morning Praise (Matins)

(Front part of the hymnal, page 45)






240     369     379     588 (verses 5-7)







(Front part of the hymnal, page 64)


First Lesson: Prov. 9:1-6

Second Lesson: Eph. 5:15-20

Gospel: John 6:51-58




Sermon Text

Ephesians 5:15-20










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All of us at CROSS AND CROWN LUTHERAN CHURCH invite you to worship with us regularly.  It is our prayer that you will be strengthened in your understanding of God's saving love in Jesus.  If you would like to know more about our church and beliefs, please contact Pastor Hartzell at (512) 869-PRAY (7729).


If there is any way that we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We offer:



If you do not have a church home, please consider learning more about our family of believers that we call Cross and Crown Lutheran Church.






[Ananias speaks to St. Paul:] The God of our fathers hath chosen thee, that thou shouldest know His will, and see that Just One, and shouldest hear the voice of His mouth.  For thou shalt be His witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard.  And now why tarriest thou?  Arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord.


(Acts 16)






This is the thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.  The Old Testament reading for today is from the book of Proverbs 9:1-6.  Wisdom is likened to a woman who makes a wonderful meal and invites everyone to come in.  God is of course wise.  Romans 16:26 says, “To the only wise God.”  And our God is like the woman here in Proverbs because he invites people to come and join in his meal of wisdom.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  All wise things are God’s.  All foolish and weak and harmful things are the devil’s.  (You can read further on in this same chapter 9 and see that foolishness is also inviting people to her banquet.)  The prophet portrayed Jesus as standing and beckoning “all day long” for people to come to him.  One more thought: being a believer is the wisest thing you will ever do.  God grant you strength and desire to do it!  The second lesson for today is from Ephesians 5:15-20.  This will serve as the sermon text.  You can see where the sermon theme is coming from when you read the first verse, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise.”  You can also see with those words how they connect with the reading from Proverbs.  The Gospel for this day is from the book of John 6:51-58.  This is a continuation of the words about Jesus being the Bread of Life.  He is the main course at the banquet of wisdom.  What a satisfying meal it is!  How wise you are to go there and eat!



THANKS TO DENNIS AND MATT — Special thanks to Dennis Falk for leading the Bible study and proclaiming the Word in the sermon today.  Thanks to Matt Stump for leading the liturgical part of our service today.  Dennis is an elder in our congregation and Matt is the president.  Thanks to both for their work today.



PASTOR HARTZELL IN SAN ANTONIO — Pastor Hartzell is preaching in Our Savior’s Congregation in San Antonio this morning.  As circuit pastor he needs to visit the other congregations in the circuit.  This was the one Sunday that was possible for him to be with the believers in Our Savior’s.  Pastor Hartzell is sorry that he is not able to be with you on this day of special fellowship.



FELLOWSHIP MEAL TODAY — The potluck meal today is specially dedicated to our new members:  Sharon and Doug Bartz and Tom Gappmayer.  These are the new members in our congregation since the last special meal we had.  God bless our new members and God give all of you a happy and blessed day.  Please stay and eat with everyone.  There is plenty of good food.  The company is good too!  Please stay.



WINKEL CONFERENCE TOMORROW — Pastor Hartzell will be meeting with the pastors of the Capital Circuit at Risen Savior tomorrow.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss matters pertinent to our Synod and to study God’s Word.  One item of study tomorrow will be the two covenants of God:  The Abrahamitic Covenant and the Sinaitic Covenant.  One was a one-sided covenant and the other was a two-sided covenant.



PRAYER LIST READY — Please remember your prayer list this morning and during the week.  



WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY — There will be Bible study this Wednesday evening.  We are studying in the Lord’s Prayer, finishing up the petitions and the ending song of praise.  Bible study begins at 7:30.  



THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY — There will be Bible study on Thursday morning at 10:00.  We will finish up the book of Genesis.  This book in summary states the reasons for the rest of the Bible.  Please come to study with us if you are able.  This is essentially the same announcement you read last week but we talked about divorce and the land of God’s holy land (two separate studies) and so delayed the study of the end of the book of Genesis until this week.