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July 26, 2009


The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost      


(The Common Service,  Christian Worship, p. 15)



247         338        302          218


Psalm  78  (Christian Worship, p. 95)


Sermon Text: Amos 7:10-15      


Sermon Theme:


1.  God wants to talk

2. We need to listen




This is the eighth Sunday after Pentecost.  The Old Testament reading for today is from the Prophet Amos.  Amos took care of sycamore figs and was a shepherd with the rest of his time.  That was his idea, but God’s idea was different.  God tells Amos, "Go tend a different kind of sheep…my people."  And so Amos went.  It wasn’t easy for him.  People didn’t like what he had to say.  In the reading here in Amos 7 we see that both the religious world and the secular world were against the message of Amos.  The religious world and the secular world both wanted things their way and according to their own idea.  But, as the sermon theme for today tells us, "It isn’t our idea."  The Christian way is not about us having our way but about God having his.  The Epistle reading from the book of Ephesians tells us about spiritual blessings that are ours.  This Sunday’s reading begins a series of readings over the course of the next weeks that will be in this book of Ephesians.  Ephesians is great about showing us what our God does for us.  He gives us things.  He gives grace.  He gives salvation.  Here in this reading he gives us the promise that we are going to be saved and spend eternity with him in heaven.  We call this teaching "Predestination."  Think about it!  Predestination means you get to your destination before you get there!  That's really how certain heaven is to be for us all.  We can see ourselves there already.  The Gospel reading today is from Mark 6:7-13.  Last week we heard about Jesus’ ministry and how people were offended at him.  This week we hear Jesus' instructions to his disciples to go and be supported in their work by the people who hear them.



VBS WEEK — We had a wonderful week in our church.  Vacation Bible school took place on the five days of the week.  The days were full of children!  25 children came!  They were good children who were well behaved and   





listened and learned (we hope).  Songs were learned.  Projects were made that had spiritual meaning.  Fun was had.  Food was eaten.  And many of our people stepped up and worked hard to make this week a happy week and a good week.  Thank the Lord with us for his goodness to us.  And God bless the children and may the Truth live on in them and bear much fruit.



VBS PICNIC — Thanks to those who provided for the picnic this past Friday evening.  It was a pleasant and good way to end the week of Vacation Bible School.  Thank you!  Thank you for coming too.




also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.  And they that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee: for Thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee.  

(Psalm 9)


Please remember your prayer list this morning.  Thank you.



WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY — On Wednesday evening for Bible study we will be continuing our study of Luther’s Large Catechism…the Lord’s Prayer.  The introduction to the Lord’s Prayer is an important study about prayer in general.  We will also get into the First Petition of the Lord’s Prayer which talks about our Father’s name…and hallowing it (making it holy).



THURSDAY BIBLE STUDY — We will continue our study of the book of Genesis this Thursday morning at 10:00.  We will study in the book of Genesis, chapter 45.  This is the section where Joseph makes himself known to his brothers.






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All of us at Cross and Crown Lutheran Church invite you to

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